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Police beats up and arrests man for being a son of a juju priest


A man yet to be identified, has been reportedly beaten and arrested by Ogun State Police Officers for being a Juju Priest’s son, after they found written incantations in his bag.

Instagram user @abeyjunior who joined the #EndSARS movement with the video, wrote;

“Since the beginning of the #endsars campaign started, I have not had it in mind of joining but today I think all police officers in Nigeria should be scrap. Few minutes after we left Ore to Ijebu Ode, this illiterates called Police stopped us and asked for proper checking which I think its normal

Along the line, that young boy that was dished several slap was attack by one of the officers, all because they found traditional account from his bag. Pls is it a crime to be herbalist son, before we knew it, the young boy was handcuff all because of what was written inside the book.

I can tell you that a criminal with exhibit can never move with public bus cause this officers only stopped public vehicles. I can’t teach you your job but instant judgement is what I am against, beaten people like robbers when investigation has not properly verified. if you never collect salary, na we be government that you should attact instead of protecting the masses. You know where you can trace criminals to, not abusing young fellows. Ire oooo #endsars”