Home News Independent Queen of Nigeria is a scam! – Benny Odumu blasts organizers

Independent Queen of Nigeria is a scam! – Benny Odumu blasts organizers


Controversial celebrity graphic designer, Benny Odumu has called out on the organizers of the Independent Queen of Nigeria.

Calling out on the organizers on Facebook as Fake and Scam, the professional graphic designer wrote;



It is quite baffling to watch the way the world is changing. Really fast.

How, in recent times, the quest for wealth has become fifty times more ferocious than it was a decade ago. Every body seems to be bringing their A-game to this unending pursuit of money.

The creative, innovative and the legitimate hustlers are the ones who’ll take bold steps, achieve big goals and try to make the world a better place.

But there are also scammers, fraudsters and intelligent thieves sprawled out there, steady inventing new ways in which they can steal from innocent people.

Sometime last year, a certain contest was introduced to the city of Port Harcourt. Disguised as an empowerment scheme, it was something especial for every girl who had dreams of gracing the runways. A finely detailed beauty pageantry, tagged the “Independent Nigerian Queen.”

The rewards for winners were simply mouthwatering. Cars. Trips. Cash. Endorsements and everything nice.

All you had to do was get the form at 5 thousand naira, pay a whole lot of other stipulated fee as at when due, sell a few tickets, and then buy some quality gowns and jewelry.

Dozens of girls trooped in eagerly just to register. They paid through their noses because this was something they had passion for. They showed zero restraint. Zero scepticism. They just dished out cheques and participated in the contest wholeheartedly.

Fast forward to this year; the winner and the runners-up from the event have long been crowned and duly celebrated.

But, as lackadaisical as they are, the organisers of this so called “Independent Nigerian Queen” have refused to reward their winners.

Even after all the fees collected for that particular course. Rather, they continually feed them with promises. Stories. Excuses. And lies. Today, these poor girls are full and can no longer eat any of their deceitful delicacies.

They wish to protest but sadly, their voices aren’t loud enough to bring those criminals to book.

This is why I, Benny Odumu, am feeling obliged to lend my voice out to these young girls. I feel their pain and I know it is severe. So I’m using this medium to urge the government and people of might to please solicit for the rights of these girls and carry out proper investigations. They deserve justice.

That’s not all. They’re back with a second edition of the event. And this time they’re out to fraud even a larger number of persons. Some persons have already started buying forms ignorantly. So please share this info with a loved one and help save someone. It’s all a scam! Nothing but scam clothed properly in an innovative attire. Dearest Port Harcourt citizen, do not fall for it! I repeat, do not fall for it!

I’m beckoning on every genuine lover of the entertainment industry and every young girl out there to keep an eye out for this particular event and many others like it. They are the bane of a good city.

Let us all tie our shoes, hoard our feet and kick fraud and dishonesty out of the entertainment industry.

Together, let us #StopTheScam and make the city of Port Harcourt a great place void of fraudulent scoundrels.

Thank you.